Friday, August 12, 2011

the GOAL is for these beads to travel around the world on bicycles

Hi, my name is Dave and I am currently on a long bicycle tour.  I am documenting my tour on blogspot ( but mostly I'm known for my )  I had the idea to create something that could travel around the world on bicycles, something small and lightweight that people could pass off to the next bicyclist (who is also on a bicycle tour).   Please photograph yourself with the beads and send the pictures and anything your want posted (your name, your website, the charity your are riding for), stories of how you received the beads, or anything else to...

I have also created a Facebook page for the Touring Beads, please LIKE ! (and tell the story, post pics, vids!)

If you want to shoot some video and upload, the Beads have a Youtube Channel, contact me at the email above and we'll figure out the details to upload your video.

Do beads tweet?   you bet they do.... tweet your messages and follow the BicycleTouringBeads twitter      (@BicycleBeads)

My goal is for these beads to be passed off, between bicycle tourers, and stay on the road for years.... perhaps to completely circle the earth.   

A special thanks to Amanda, the owner of Amanda's Alley in Lander WY, who strung the beads and who liked the idea so much, would not accept money for them.   Thank you Amanda for your generosity! 

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